Friday, October 21, 2005

Love in Action Court News

This just in from a very handsome man in Memphis...

In connection with their federal laws suit against the state of TN, Love in Action asked the judge in the case to order an injunction against the state. I believe LIA wants to keep the licensure department from keeping tabs on the program. The licensure department is responsible to make sure LIA is still in compliance with state law in regards to the number of people with mental illness in the program.

The judge denied LIA's request.

The trial, where LIA claims the state violated the "ex-gay" programs freedom of speech and religion is still pending.

Stay tuned...

(oh, and thanks handsome man in Memphis)

You can read more here.


At 7:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched the local coverage here in Memphis (lead story on ch.3 at 6:00pm). I could not ascertain who prevailed. Supposedly the state is allowing LIA to operate for the moment. Yet LIA is not happy. Their shyster commented about the possibility that the state could still level criminal penalties if LIA fell out of state compliance. I guess LIA is still fighting the battle.

I thought that Morgan did well sticking it to LIA. Morgan's contention that LIA summarily blames all problems on sexual issues is at the heart of LIA's problems. Some of the clients truly have problems, but LIA is over-characterizing these issues as 'sexual brokenness'. I sense that the State is seeing this diagnostic misrepresentation and acting accordingly.

At 6:27 PM , Blogger Peterson Toscano said...

Thanks for speaking out. You have a wonderful way of getting to the real issues.

I can understand Mudd's confusion from watching some of the local Memphis coverage. In this whole story from day one with Zach, I've been amazed at how wrong many of the media have gotten it. The most accurate voice I have read is Eartha Melzer from the Washington Blade. Other than that, you need to really question these resporters and if they have their facts straight (or queer even).

The reality is that the state cannot nor should not close LIA down. Society can and must. By doing the work we need to do so that LGBTIQ folks feel welcomed and valued in society, and at the same time working on addressing our real needs and being accepting of LGBTIQ with faith, society will drive these "ex-gay" programs out of business. And hopefully even transform some of the programs themselves.

At 10:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peterson, thanks for defending me. The later broadcasts (different channels) on Friday were clearer. The state is merely letting LIA operate so long as it is in compliance. The shyster for LIA implied that when he spoke about the possibility of the state returning. The local paper on Sat. was reporting that the state will be filing for a dismissal on Monday. But I have not seen any other reference to that yet.

I still like Morgan's on-air comments proposing that LIA itself may create some of the mental difficulties in clients through its own techniques. But I should defer that to others with first-hand knowledge...


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